Letter, Susan B. Anthony to Rush Rhees

November 20, 1900

A letter from Susan B. Anthony to Rush Rhees, president of the University of Rochester. Anthony writes to Rhees on behalf of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s daughter, Harriet Stanton Blatch. She verifies that Blatch was a good student, has experience lecturing at Vassar College, and that she is “thoroughly fitted for the place she asks.”

Letter, Susan B. Anthony to Rush Rhees

[Letterhead: National-American Woman Suffrage Association]
Rochester, N.Y. Nov. 30 1900
President Rush Rees –
Dear Sir
The only place that Mrs
Harriet Stanton Blatch has lectured – that
I know of – is at Vassar College – She
has given two courses there – one last winter –
the other the year before – Last winter the
professor surrendered his class to her for a
week – and she had charge of it – that
would look as if Prof. Backus? – or whatever
his name is – trusted her – She is
a graduate of Vassar – and Maria
Mitchell said of her that she was the
finest scholar in her classes. I do
not know what I can say – but I imagine
she is thoroughly fitted for the place she asks –
Respectfully Yours
Susan B. Anthony

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