Interview, Shannon Gallagher

September 29, 2018

Shannon Gallagher was born in Rochester, New York, in 1969, alongside her twin sister. Both of her parents were from Rochester. Her father worked as a mailman and her mother worked as an administrative assistant. She attended Catholic school until sixth grade, after which she attended John C. Wilson High School until eighth grade. She completed her high school education at Jefferson High School, though she did not officially graduate from there. She began working in local libraries when she was 18 and continued to do so until she was 27. She moved away from Rochester for a few years to live in Ithaca, New York, but returned and bought a house a few blocks from where she grew up.

In this interview, Shannon Gallagher discusses the neighborhood she grew up in, playing sports, and her education. She explains how she became interested in politics, her work in libraries, and how she views Rochester. She also discusses music, her parents, and memories of growing up in Rochester.

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