Interview, Regis Casillas

fall 2020

Regis Casillas was born in 1973 and raised in Puerto Rico. He completed his elementary and high-school education in Puerto Rico and began college but was unable to finish it for financial reasons. He moved to the United States in 1999, when he was 26 years old, in search of better opportunities. During his move, he was helped by some of his family that had already moved to the U.S., including his mother. He moved to Rochester, New York, and began working in different warehouse-related jobs, including with Kodak and the United Parcel Service. At the time of this interview, he works as a Senior International Customer Account Representative with Reynolds Consumer Products, Inc.

In this interview, Regis Casillas discusses his reasons for leaving Puerto Rico, what it was like moving to Rochester, and his work in the area. He explains his continuing connection to Puerto Rico, his efforts to keep his children connected to their heritage, and the Three Kings Day traditions he celebrates. He also discusses discrimination, the difference between politics in Puerto Rico and the U.S., and the local Hispanic community.

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