Interview, John Borek

July 18, 2018

John Borek was born and raised in Rochester, New York, in the 1950s and 60s. His mother was from Utica, New York, and his father was from New York Mills, New York. Borek received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University. He was the president of the 19th Ward Community Association and the Executive Director of the Community Development Corporation for southwest Rochester. He has worked as Adam McFadden’s legislative aide for 14 years at the time of this interview.

In this interview, John Borek discusses his family history, his decision to make art after being diagnosed with cancer, and reviving Moose Murders, a poorly reviewed Broadway play from the 1980s. He explains his work with the Multi-Use Community Cultural Center, how he came to live in the 19th Ward, and what the neighborhood was like. He also discusses his work in community politics, how Rochester has changed over the years, and growing up in Rochester.

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