Interview, Gayraud S. Wilmore

April 2, 1980

Gayraud S. Wilmore (b. 1920) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began studying at Lincoln University in 1940, but his education was interrupted when he was drafted into the United States Army during World War II. He served for 3 years and saw combat in Italy. While there, Wilmore attended the University of Florence. He ultimately received his Doctorate in Education from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. In 1963, he became active in the Civil Rights Movement as the Executive Director of a New York City program called the Council of Church and Race. Wilmore came to Rochester in 1974 to teach at the Colgate Divinity School and he became heavily involved with the newly formed United Church Ministry.

In this interview, Wilmore discusses the work of the United Church Ministry and the positive impact he feels the organization has had on Rochester. He reflects on the needs of the city’s African American community, noting that while there has been some progress towards racial equality, more remains to be done.

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