Interview, Dwight Hubbard

January 10, 1980

Dwight Hubbard (b. 1949) was born in Birmingham, Alabama, but lived in Rochester, New York, most of his life. After graduating from Madison High School, Hubbard enrolled at St. John Fisher College and began working as a counselor for Action for a Better Community (ABC). Hubbard served on the ABC board of directors for five years, then became involved in local politics as a campaign manager. Hubbard was involved in a variety of community organizations such as the Neighborhood Street Academy, Action for a Better Community, the National Parent Coalition to Title One, the National Clients Council, and the Boy Scouts of America. At time time of this interview, Hubbard was working as an Educational Administrator with the Urban League of Rochester.

In this interview, Hubbard expresses his passion for grass-roots political activism and notes the positive influence ABC has had on his life and his community. He discusses the nature of black politics in Rochester in the 1960s and 1970s, and his hopes and plans for a black political caucus in the city. He recalls witnessing the 1964 race riots as a teenager and discusses the effect that experience had on him.

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