Interview, Diane Watkins

July 13, 2018

Diane Watkins was born and raised in Rochester, New York. Her mother was from Dundee, Florida, while her father was from Eufaula, Alabama. She completed her elementary school education in the Rochester area and completed her middle school education at Jefferson Middle School. She went on to graduate from Edison High School. She joined the Army after graduating and later returned to Rochester, where she began working in the Rochester City School District while attending night school to become a teacher. At the time of this interview she works as a history teacher at Edison. She was president of the 19th Ward Neighborhood Association for two years and at the time of this interview occupies the role of Past President on the Executive Council.

In this interview Diane Watkins discusses the 19th Ward Neighborhood Association, teaching, and how she views Rochester. She shares about her time in the Army, memories from growing up in Rochester, and why she moved to the 19th Ward. She also discusses her family, the state of education, and the local community.

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