Interview, Diane Larter & Robert Larter

October 10, 2018

Diane Larter was raised in the 19th Ward in the City of Rochester, New York, and Robert Larter was raised in Irondequoit, New York, a Rochester suburb. Robert attended the University of Montana for his college education, while Diane attended college in the Rochester area. They met after Robert returned from Montana, while he was living with a friend in a local boarding house. They moved into a home together in the 19th Ward shortly before they got married. In 1977, Robert purchased what would become Celebrations Unlimited, a business that specializes in balloon party décor at the time of this interview. In 2002, Diane retired from a 16-year career with Social Services and then became a freelance consultant for various local organizations.

In this interview Robert Larter and Diane Larter discuss how they met, the jobs they have each had, and Margaret Strong. They explain the commonality of hitchhiking when they were younger, how they feel about the city, and the differences between how they were raised and how they raised their children. They also discuss the 19th Ward Community Association, concerns regarding community segregation, and some memories from their childhoods.

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