Interview, Betty Lattimore

January 16, 1980

Betty Lattimore was born in Sodus, New York, and first came to Rochester in 1969 to work with the Model Cities Program. She graduated from Kentucky State University with a degree in history and political science in 1974, and returned to Rochester where she got a job as a family counselor at the Hanover Houses. Lattimore eventually took a position as a Youth Resource Specialist with the Rochester Police Department, working to prevent minors from becoming repeat offenders. She was also involved in a variety of community organizations, including the Association of Black Social Workers, Action for a Better Community, and Mount Vernon Baptist Church.

In this interview, Lattimore discusses the persistent problems facing Rochester’s black community and reflects on the decline of national anti-poverty initiatives. She shares her views on racial discrimination and employment, observing how black professionals have to prove they are “maximally qualified” in order to compete against whites in the job market.

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