Interview, Agustin Ramos Jr.

April 14, 2022

Agustin Ramos Jr. was born in 1943 and raised in Salinas, Puerto Rico. His parents moved to Rochester, New York, for migrant work in the early 1950s. They saved their money and in 1955, brought Ramos and his siblings here. Ramos continues to live in Rochester and is now retired from being a criminal investigator at the public defender’s office. He enjoys spending his time repairing guitars, painting, and dancing. 

In this interview, Agustin Ramos Jr. discusses his childhood in Salinas, Puerto Rico, moving to Rochester, New York, and his various occupations. He describes the Latino community in Rochester, his involvement in local politics, the founding of the Ibero-American Action League, and Puerto Rican musical roots in Rochester. He also discusses his family and two sons, discrimination in housing and hiring practices, and the Puerto Rican Festival.

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