Interview, Ramon Diaz Sr.

November 25, 2013

Born in Puerto Rico in 1945, Ramon Diaz Sr. came from a family of twelve siblings. Raised in a poor family and community, Diaz began working when he was eight years old. In 1969, he moved to Massachusetts and eventually relocated to Rochester, New York, where he found a strong Latino community, particularly in the Clinton Avenue area.

In this interview, Diaz Sr. touches on both his personal experiences and his opinions of the Puerto Rican communityin Rocheter. He admits that although Puerto Rico boasts a significant Catholic population, religion had no significant impact on his life, nor did formal education. He also discusses the educational and employment opportunities in the United States. Lastly, Diaz Sr. addresses generation gaps in the Puerto Rican community. He bears a negative outlook on the state of Puerto Rico in 2013, but expresses hope for future generations of Puerto Ricans.

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